How It Works

We’re open 24/7 so drop in any time to share your thoughts, experiences and ideas. We have some fun and creative activities for you to participate in and earn prizes. Plus, keep an eye on our blog for thought-provoking articles.

This community was created to bring people with a common passion for the Dremel brand and making together so they can share ideas, solve challenges and help create the next innovative new product.  We want you to share your thoughts, ask questions and vote for and comment on postings made by others. Innovation is a group process, so whether you are part of a team or individually providing feedback, you are an integral part of driving towards the best idea. Just remember to be respectful of others, and their opinions – no idea is born perfect!

It’s easy to get involved

On a regular basis we will invite you to participate in new activities, including poll questions and discussions. These activities will be displayed on the dashboard and you will be notified by email when they are added. Completing activities and logging in regularly will help you earn Points – and the more Points you have, the more often you will be entered into our prize drawings.

You can also share your thoughts and opinions by commenting, by completing quick surveys, or by chatting with others in the Community Café, our central space for sharing ideas.

  • Participate: Complete your activities.
  • Submit: Share your experience and join relevant discussions to submit your feedback.
  • Tag: Add descriptive “tags” to your discussion submissions.
  • Comment: Respond to other participants’ ideas.
  • Vote: Vote on what grabbed your attention.
  • Get rewarded: Participate to earn Points and be entered into our prize draws. The more you earn, the more prizes you will be eligible to win!

Earning Points

By participating regularly in the community, you will continue to earn Points. You will earn Points for logging into the community regularly, answering quick questions, participating in discussions and completing surveys. In addition, submitting and voting on ideas when we host challenges could have a big impact on your point balance!

Need more information?

Go to the Help page for answers to some common questions, as well as how to reach the moderator. We’d love to hear from you!

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