What is the Dremel Maker Studio?

Dremel Maker Studio was created for you on behalf of Dremel to give you a space to share your insights and ideas. 

You are invited to participate in a number of surveys, activities, and discussions to share your thoughts about our product and website.

We look forward to your contributions and thank you in advance for your participation!

What's in it for me?

This is your opportunity to share your creative ideas and accomplishments. It’s a chance to provide input, collaborate, see and share tips and tricks, acknowledge others, and submit your ideas to improve Dremel.

Apart from having fun, having a say, and being heard, you’ll have an opportunity to be recognized through achievement badges and prizes. 

Why do different people get different questions?

We may target surveys to certain groups or individuals based on different criteria. The questions you receive will depend on the topics you told us are most important and interesting to you. We created this community for you, and therefore we want to make sure you get a unique experience that fits you best!

How do I participate?

We will invite you to participate in new activities every couple of weeks. New activities will be displayed on the dashboard, and you will be notified by email. You can manage your notifications under your profile settings.

What if I'm away for a week or more?

All activities in the Dremel Maker Studio will be accessible for at least two weeks and may be completed at any time during that period. Quick Questions are cumulative, so if you miss a week or more you will still be able to access and complete questions from the missed period. The activities also remain accessible through the Dashboard menu, so anyone who joins later in the program, or who misses a week or more, won’t miss out.

Can I do all the activities at once?

Yes, anything that is open when you login can be completed. There will always be new surveys and activities added though. 

Can I make multiple submissions per activity?

Sometimes you'll have the opportunity to make multiple, or even an unlimited number of submissions in an activity! Other times, you'll only be able to complete the activity once.

Some surveys can only be completed once, so think carefully about your responses. Once you complete a survey, the activity tile on your home page will appear greyed out with a check mark to indicate you have participated.

Which fields are mandatory?

Participation in the Dremel Maker Studio is optional, but if you choose to participate you are required to complete mandatory fields in order to progress through the questions and activities. Mandatory questions are indicated in the usual way using a red asterisk.

How much time will it take?

You are encouraged to participate as often as you like. Your contributions will help discussions flourish and help the Dremel Maker Studio evolve and grow. Plus, the more you participate the more likely you are to receive achievement badges and be rewarded for your contributions.

Do sessions time out?

Yes, please note that your session will time out after 1 hour of inactivity. Therefore, if you walk away from your computer in the middle of submitting in an activity, you will lose your submission if it’s not submitted within the time-out period.

What are badges and what do they mean?

Similar to earning points, badges are awarded for being active and participating regularly in the community. Everyone in the community can see your badges, and they help you stand out in the community. You can check out all badges, and how you can earn them on your personal profile.


I Still Have Other Questions...

What can others see about me?

Members have their own customized profile displayed for Dremel Maker Studio (you only share your username, not your full name). When you register, you can upload a photo for your avatar, this can be any photo which doesn’t identify you and to which you have rights. On your profile, only the fields that don’t have a ‘lock’ icon beside them will be visible to others and community administrators.

Who is here to help?

There will be experienced moderators in the Dremel Maker Studio. They are here to answer your questions, and to keep the discussions and challenges flowing. You can contact them by emailing dremelmakerstudiosupport@chaordix.com

What if I need help on the weekend?

Please email us at dremelmakerstudiosupport@chaordix.com, and we will respond to you within 1 business day. 

What if I want to stop participating in the Dremel Maker Studio?

We would be sad to see you go, but if you wish to be removed from the Dremel Maker Studio please email us at dremelmakerstudiosupport@chaordix.com with the subject line:

"Unsubscribe from the Dremel Maker Studio"

The support team will close your account and remove your profile information, including email address, avatar, and username. The information you have posted will remain unless you instruct us to remove it.

What if I forget my login information?

If you have forgotten your login information, not to worry, it’s really easy to reset. Just go to the main login page and click "Forgot Password". An email will be sent to you shortly with a link to reset your password.

What if I want to change my login information?

You can change your password at any time. Simply click on your profile photo in the top right hand corner of the page and a drop-down menu will appear. Select “Settings" and then choose the "Change Password" tab to enter your new password.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact us at dremelmakerstudiosupport@chaordix.com. We would love to hear from you.

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