Tungsten Carbide Burs

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I am new here to the Dremel Maker Studio. I am currently using a 4000 with the flex shaft.
I am looking for some tungsten carbide round burs in a variety of sizing for engraving. I currently use the 105 and 107 most of the time when using aluminum but when it comes to steel and stainless steel they do not work at all.
would anyone know of any companies that they use or may know where you can get them? I am not interested in going on Amazon and buying some cheap set because it will most likely be garbage and a complete waste of my money!! 😂😂

thanks for taking the time to look at this and hope to hear from you soon

take care and happy new year!
— The Bearded Engraver

i will try and figure out how to post something in another forum that shows some of the work that I have done with the dremel!