Yellow-rumped Warbler

Submitted to Show Off

I started with the block of Basswood 2"x2"x6". I drew the bird onto both the left and the right sides and then used a saw to cut off unneeded wood close to the drawing. then I drew the top and bottom and again cut of unneeded wood. At this point I had to redraw the bird as the cutting took some of the drawing away. Now I was ready to use my dremel model 395 with an agressive bit to takedown the wood to the basic shape. I switched to a little less aggressive bit to fine tune the shape. Once the shape was where I wanted it I switched to a fine bit to add details, such as the eyes, feathers, & shape to the wings etc. The beak broke off during shaping so I used a shish kabob stick by drilling a hole where the beak should be and glued the piece of shish kabob sticks into hole. I then shaped the new beak. I also used a shish kabob stick for each leg & mounted it in the same way as the beak, ( I should have taken pictures of these steps, sorry) after adding the toes and adding a joint to angle the leg. I then took some sawdust and wood glue mixture to add material to the upper legs and created joints on legs and toes and around the base of the beak. The bird got its name for that yellow patch on its rump, but I bet you guessed that already. After doing a light sanding of the whole bird I painted on a coat of primer and the started painting, first was all the black areas then the blue areas and then the white areas. Lastly the yellow. I then lightly sanded a small slab of Basswood and glued the bird to it. Once dry (I waited 3 days) i coated the whole project with a flat varnish to protech the wood and the colors.