Natures Nest Bed

Submitted to Show Off

Two years ago I got interested in Intersa process woodcarving.  I got my design idea from a picture of a work done for a dental office, so It was a challenge to see if I could create something that would really immerse in how to make a bed that used carved features.  It took me a lot of hours to develop plans and then draw them in CAD.  With my home printer I printed out each sheet of the CAD drawing in full scale.  I then taped the printouts together and glued them to a 1/8" sheet of hardboard.  That was the template that I used to cut out the Bed tail board and head boards.  Next I selected a number of pictures and retraced them onto paper sheets which I photocopied These were then glued onto different colored woods with different thicknesses.  After scroll sawing out each part, I would partially carve them with my Dremel 4300 rotary tool and then glue the parts together.  I would again fully carve the parts to the final shapes.  Next, putting the shapes on the Bed head boards and backboards I would trace the outline onto the boards.  Routing came next so that the shapes were indented into the boards.  Finally smoothing the shapes and gluing then to the boards.  Using the original templates, I developed the frame rails by gluing fingerjointing and routing a indented slot so the rails could be affixes to the bed boards.