Snowblower impeller enhancement--boring unless it works!

Submitted to The Workshop

Last year we had a lot of very heavy wet snow. My BIG snowblower kept getting clogged. I coated the inside with PAM, Vegetable Oil, WD40. None of it seemed to make a difference. Then I came upon some YouTube videos that discussed the problem and suggested an impeller modification. At the time, this seemed more like a Tim the Toolman Taylor enhancement -- plus it was cold. But as winter is approaching, I decided to try it. It basically adds a rubber scraper to the impeller blades to keep the chute from clogging up. I used my Dremel Oscillating tool to cut the rubber from the sidewall tire I had. It worked much better than a knife. Not suggesting anyone do it until i see if it works. The hardest part was learning how to drill through the steel impeller blades.

When my neighbor, who also happens to be my brother, asked what I was doing I told him he'd know it worked if my snow was propelled into his driveway this winter.