Dremel Butane Torch

Submitted to Show Off

I recently bought the Dremel Butane Torch to see if I it might help me with some of the art work I produce. I must say I was pleasantly surprised. It is amazingly easy to fill and started right up as predicted. I have never before used any torch in my pyrography and of course this was a learning process. I have included a shot of part of the final piece as well as three short videos where I was testing the torch. The contribution this Torch made is only in the bottom section of the rocks. Sorry there is no audio with the videos but I think you can see that I tested it without a tip, with the small tip and with the pen(soldering) tip. I didn't find any issues with it but I should note that the pen tip could be used for a complete pyrography piece but it would be a lot more difficult than the wire tips I usually use. It would be a great tool to take to the cabin or camping, it would work great to start a fire or do a little art work while enjoying the scenery.
Incidentally I love it to solder with as well. I usually have to hold the trigger of my soldering gun and fight the cord of the gun or soldering pencils I use. With out the cord or need to hold the trigger it makes for a much easier quicker solder work. Works great to shrink 'heat shrink' tube for the same reasons.
I especially like the fact that the 'lock on' mechanism can be set to on before igniting so you don't need two hands to keep in on. If you are looking for something to help you with your art or as a quick torch in the shop this is a no brainer.