Best mistake I ever made

Submitted to Product Talk

Seeing the ‘Saw Max’for the first time had me super impressed. I read up on it, watched videos, and checked out reviews, and when the time was finally right, I ordered the ‘Ultra Saw’ and waited patiently for its arrival. So excited, I actually paused work to be resumed only after I gained possession of this tool. Soon my package arrived and immediately I was baffled from the difference in appearance of the tool I recieved, and the tool I thought I’d purchased. Once I figured out that I had mistakenly ordered the UltraSaw instead of the Saw Max, I began the ‘return’ process. I couldn’t help to be curious of the difference so again, after reading a few reviews, decided to give it a little test run.  I’ve had the tool for almost a year now, and am confident in saying that it’s the most versatile saw I’ve ever owned. 
 Im posting today looking for information about sharpening the original and/or the possibilities of using NON- Dremel replacement blades for the Ultra Saw.     
 Thanks for your time