1/350th Scale Star Trek Enterprise original series Star Ship prop reproduction!

Submitted to Show Off

You can see a video on You Tube of this project finalized. 

This kit was created over 4 months, at The Kit Factory studio in Florida! 32 inches long, utilizing the Polar Lights 1/350th kit....all lighting details, as seen on screen, included Lasers to simulate the iconic “Phasers!”

Many Dremel tools are used in the creation of such a project...the Rotary tools.....8220, 8100. And many applications bits, tiny drill bits, Rotary Sanding elements, Cutting Blades, Buffing Wheels....and lots more. Dremel tools are essential to the many stages of making an accurate display. 

I have been using Dremel tools for over 23 years, and they are a must for any modeler, or craftsman.

Hope you enjoy the images, and video....