Grout removal and replacement

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20 years ago, I bought a 1929 house and tore both bathrooms out. When replacing the baths, I tried to keep with the time period of the house and selected black and white tile themes. The main floor full bath gets more traffic and while cleaning it, I realized some of the grout had washed out and the tiles needed some real scrubbing. I brought out my Dremel Versa and cleaned the tiles. While I purchased a diamond blade for my Dremel oscillating tool, I have to admit that I didn't have confidence that I could keep the blade on the grout lines so I went manual. I also considered using my Dremel....but had the same concern. When I was done regrouting and resealing, I used the Versa again to clean things up. Now, it looks just like it did before which only reinforces the fact that some projects are only obvious when they've been neglected :)