SpaceX Inspired Starship Desk Toy

Submitted to Show Off is a toys and novelties startup based in north Texas. We use our Digilab laser cutter, rotary tools, and Multi-Max to make a variety of unique and fun products, like this Starship desk toy inspired by the SpaceX spacecraft being built in south Texas. 

This toy starts off as a series of ring-like pieces cut from 3mm birch stock that are cut with the laser cutter.  The rings are then stacked (held together with dowels) and the whole piece is puttied over (I currently use Durham's Rock Hard Water Putty but I have recently been asked to evaluate a product by Rocklers.  More to come on that).  Once the putty dries, we use the Dremel rotary tools and the Multi-Max to sand and shape it to its final form before painting.