Learn more about the 220-01 WorkStation

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Recently, magarces wrote in to say that she would like to learn how to use the 220-01 WorkStation™. Ideally, I would have liked to have sent her a link to a video showing detailed use instructions on this attachment but we currently do not have anything like that in our video library.  We will make a note of this need.

What I have done below is to provide magarces with a detailed description of the WorkStation. My thought is that by providing more detail on this product she will better understand its functions and gain insight on how it is intended to be used. Of course, any of you who own, or would like to know more about the WorkStation are free to read on as well.

At one time the Dremel brand used to sell a drill press, tool holder, and flex shaft tool holder as three separate products. But today they all have been combined in a single innovative attachment to create the Dremel 220 Work Station. The Dremel Work Station adds versatility to the Dremel rotary tool by holding the tool in a variety of task-oriented positions convenient to the user. Projects become easier and more productive because more time can be spent working and less time manipulating the tool into an accurate and stable position.

The drill press function is a popular feature of the WorkStation because it allows exact control of alignment and depth when drilling precision holes. Attaching the Dremel rotary tool to the 220 Work Station is simple because the Work Station uses the threaded nose piece on the tool for a fast and secure connection. Any Dremel rotary tool with a threaded nosepiece can fit easily in the drill press to minimize set-up time and be assured of a secure fit.

While most drill presses make holes perpendicular to the work piece, the Dremel 220 Work Station increases drilling versatility by being able to drill perpendicular and angled holes in 15-degree increments, up to 90 degrees horizontal. An easy-to-read depth gauge makes selecting proper depth simple and a variable depth stop allows users to accurately control the depth of the holes being drilled. The durable die-cast aluminum base has holes for mounting the Work Station to a work surface and slots that allow a fence or small vise to be assembled to secure the work. The 220 Work Station makes drilling a pleasure.

When hands-free projects require the work to be brought to the rotary tool such as with some polishing, sanding or grinding applications, the 220 Work Station becomes a tool holder. The tool holder feature firmly holds the tool in place vertically or in 15-degree increments, up to 90 degrees horizontal. Loosening two adjustment screws, turning the housing to the desired position and then tightening the screws changes the tool from the vertical to the horizontal position. Detents click the tool in place at 15-degree increments for accurate alignment every time for both tool-holding and drilling applications.

Woodcarvers and users of cutting and engraving accessories insist that their Dremel rotary tool be suspended above their workbench to enjoy the lightness and freedom of the flex shaft attachment. The 220 Work Station features a flex shaft tool holder with an internal cam mechanism that allows telescopic adjustment of the tool holder to any height between 16 and 29 inches. The flex shaft can be adjusted in an infinite number of "just right" positions to make using it more comfortable than ever. What's more, the novel "crow's nest" mounted on the flex shaft tool holder provides on-board storage for bits, wrenches, collets and other Dremel accessories.

Hope this helps you out magarces!