Apple Watch Stand

Submitted to Let's Talk 3D

When it comes to the holidays, it is usually a busy time in the Makerspace. Students are working out different project ideas and I am right there with them as we solve a variety of design problems. For this project, a student was interested in making their own watch stand charger. I thought this was an interesting project idea and figured I would tackle it for myself. Measurements needed to be very precise for the Apple Watch charger so it would fit snuggly into the main base of the watch stand. That is where the Dremel LC40 came in handy. When you need something down to the hundredths of an inch, the LC40 is as precise as it comes. 

The watch charger was able to wedge into the hole nicely and a little hot glue around the back would secure it into place. The prototype using Baltic Birch plywood really helped narrow down the dimensions needed to prevent the stand from tipping over when I moved to the Paduak wood I had in stock. The settings on the cutter needed to be adjusted for the thicker and denser wood, but it came out nicely after a light sand and some beeswax to bring out the color. 

Students were really excited to use my build as a model for their idea. It is important to have things for students to look at reverse engineer sometimes. Taking the idea from paper to product can be tough for some students, so having a model that they can hold helps them take 2D ideas and realize them in 3D.