What do you think? Epic fail!

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I am wondering if I could change the shape of a blade that would fit in a Multimax and make it work like a fine jig saw. I often want to saw curves etc in round work pieces that I turn on my wood lathe and was wondering what you all would think of a Saber saw type blade would work in the oscillating Multimax? The teeth would of course need to be on the side of the blade rather than on the end. I was looking at the half round blade and it seems that the teeth that are more or less parallel to the saw body do cut about as good as the ones that run horizontal to the body of the tool.
Any ideas? Anyone?
I have now added a few photos and a short video.
I sliver soldered a reciprocal pneumatic blade to a cut off section of a scraper. 
Problem which is likely obvious to many of you is that the saw actually moves sideways and my blade just moved back and for thus no cutting action.
After the failure I did discover the Gyproc Jab saw which is somewhat like what I want.  If this blade was a little longer and thinner I think it would do the job for me. But before I modify it I shall try attaching the pneumatic blade at right angles to the tool. Stay tuned!