Garage Sale Gold

Submitted to Show Off

I found this gem at a garage sale. It's a Dremel Contour Sander. Looks like it's never been used and all the pieces are there. I found a site that I can buy the sandpaper to use when I run out of what I already have in this kit. It will be so handy in getting to the smaller projects. I was so excited to find this in it's original box and in it's one case. When I saw the word Dremel, I grabbed it, not even knowing what it was--Dremel is a name you can trust, so I knew I had something good. This is a great little sander, would be good for people that make dollhouses, items with small cuts--it's so hard to get a good sand with hand held sandpaper. My $5.00 investment is the best buy I ever made at a garage. Guess I'll have to go again this weekend to see if I can find more Dremel!