Lifelong maker

Submitted to The Workshop

I am an older woman and a lifelong maker. I learned to use a sewing machine in my 20s and continue to sew to this day. I even made my daughter's and my two daughter-in-law's wedding dresses! But I was afraid of power tools as I had never had an opportunity to use them. I credit Dremel with helping me overcome my fears and opening up a whole new world of making for me. My first power tool was a Dremel rotary tool. Dremel makes it very approachable with great, inspiring ads and good documentation. Next, I got a Dremel Multi Max. This helped me jump into DIY home improvement projects. I can't count the number of floors I have re-tiled or laid Pergo with the help of my Multi Max. Now I have an assortment of fantastic power tools and the confidence to tackle most any project around my home.

A few years ago, my kids bought me a 3D printer and that thrust me into the world of 3D modeling. I upgraded to a Dremel 3D40 and wow! It's incredible. No tinkering to get great prints - this thing prints like a hose. My entire family enjoys 3D printing now and we have several printers, often all printing at the same time. But my most exciting adventure is just around the corner. I had a Dremel CO2 Laser Cutter/Engraver delivered yesterday. Hubby and I will be setting it up today and we can't wait to see what amazing projects we can do with this thing. 

I am looking forward to being active in this community and learning/teaching/sharing with the other makers here.