Flatbed Artwork

Submitted to Show Off

I've been re-making a wooden flatbed for a 1989 Chevy S10. The first one did not fair well, I used material that I was given. I have saved a little, and got some better boards, and a quality stain/sealant. I am taking more time with the design and execution. I wanted something different for the artwork, and played with many designs on the computer, finally combining different elements. I transferred the design using Elmer's glue, a brush, and printing the design onto wax paper. After letting it dry a few days, I sat down and started using the Dremel and several bits. I haven't done much carving with the Dremel, I was mostly just using it to make Model cars, and cleaning small metal parts for years. This is my first attempt at carving / routing, and I'm pleased with the results!