Miniature Sculpting Made Easier

Submitted to Show Off

Most of my carving work is done using knives and other hand tools, but I also have a fleet of Dremel rotary tools, each dedicated for a specific purpose. Four of them are AC with speed controls and the others are all portables. I've replaced all but one of the original Dremel collets with adjustable chucks because they are faster and don't need changing for shanks of odd sizes. This carving of a Native American was set aside a few years ago, but I decided to try again using the smallest burrs instead of my gouges. The wood is yellow cedar and splinters easily--a challenge at this small size. (If you study the area under his right eye, you can see the contrast with the flat-plane carving of his nose.) Once it was painted, I applied dark paste furniture wax, allowed it to dry thoroughly overnight and then buffing it with another Dremel rotary tool. One last note on the carving, the original wood was left unfinished to give another type of contrast to the carved image.