" I GOT THIS " ShoeBopp Thing

Submitted to Show Off

I created ShoeBopps to alleviate the pain from having some rough feet, that's really all I can say about my feet. It's funny what kind of things you can inherit ! Love ya MOM ! My Doctor Friend Les, offered to me two boxes of foam that you step in and make impression of your foot, send it in, and they send back an insert. So i tried the process myself and Wallah ! I used my Dremel to create the little holes that make for a traction pattern as Crocs are slippery when wet, and I was hoping to avoid that slipperiness. To maintain a tiny little hole ( a bunch of em ) I used a needle point " Bit " to start with, then a tiny little shaped " Bit " I call a Genie, then on to 2 more sizes of my genie. It worked perfect