Submitted to Product Talk

I'm really frustrated with Dremel. I have spent lots and lots of hours scouring the internet and contacting Dremel only to be unable to get help! First I'd like mention that when I contacted Dremel a very nice representative tried to help me. The problem is that she has little or no knowledge aobu the product and parts I am looking for. Secondly the Dremel web site was the sloooooooest site I think I have ever had the chance to view. So when I asked the representative about the parts I wanted she promptly pointed me to a Dremel rep in Canada who has less knowledge of the parts than she had. I sent an email back to her explain the issue and she promptly sent me to two other suppliers in Canada who also have little or no knowledge of the issue. I tried everything I know to get a parts diagram for the INTERNAL parts of the Dremel Flex shaft but all I can find are drawings of the easily replaceable parts. I was trying, although I have now given up, to find 1 - the internal spring that encases the internal drive shaft: 2 - the small washer that sits just behind the nose piece which holds the hand piece together. I'm no told that these parts are not available and I have to purchase a replacement Flex Shaft. Sorry about the rant but in these days of "just toss it out and get a new one" I get angry when I can fix the parts I have and save the cost of new construction but am not allowed access to the parts which are obviously readily available because of course they are presently being used to manufacture new Flex Shafts. I guess I should have stuck to Foredom as I know all of their parts are available.