Map Making

Submitted to Show Off

About 25 years ago, an 8 yr. old granddaughter wanted to do a project with grandpa and we settled on making a North America Map.  She wrote a letter to Country magazine asking for folks to send a piece of wood from their State to use in her map.  Once her letter was published the wood began coming in and almost all had interesting stories. One from PA was a piece of Maple flooring that came from the floor of the original Hershey's Candy Factory.  Another one was a piece of Wormy Chestnut that came from an old barn that had fallen down that was more than 200 years old.  She made friends with many of the contributors and her map now hangs in her living room and she's the mother of three.  I have since advanced to making a World Map as well as one of Africa.  Each of these has wood from all of the countries represented, with the exception of Antarctica.  Wood for the world map took about 1 1/2 years to collect.  I have since made 10 of them and have signed and numbered a limited edition of 15 of each.  They can be seen on my web-site, .