Can't help wonder about product support when . . .

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Here is the kind of thing that leaves a sour taste in my mouth. About a year ago I bought A Dremel 2000 versa tip set. Worked good, used it about 20 times and then something fell out of the end and it would no longer get hot enough to work. I contacted Dremel who said I HAD to get it to a service location. I did just that and waited for 2 weeks for them to take a look at it. I finally called them and was told that they had to call Dremel to see about the repair. Ok, another week goes by and I call again. The fellow I spoke to said that they contacted Dremel and were told that because it has a low cost (over $100) it is not repairable but Dremel will replace it in a couple of weeks but are not sure when they will be back in stock. Actually he said that Dremel told him they usually tell the customer to buy another one . . . . this unit came with a 2 year warrantee! Any way, why the heck did Dremel just not make arrangements with me to replace it?

UPDATE: After reaching out here on DMS Dremel USA contacted me right away and made arrangements to send me a replacement new tool. They were also kind enough to contact our local repair shop and cancel my repair. A couple weeks later new tool arrived. I am now one happy camper and pleased to continue to buy Dremel products. Thanks Dremel