Apparently, other businesses like to talk about their pets too!

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We often talk about our pets in Maker Studio because it gives us the opportunity to talk about the Dremel pet nail grooming tool. Or, is it the other way around?

Even though we are all about the Dremel brand 24/7, we also like to talk about things other than pets or tools because we're a community and a family. It's tedious when someone talks nothing but shop at the dinner table right?

Because it is late January we've also been talking about the Super Bowl in the Maker Studio. No one here claims to be a football expert, some of us may not even be fans, but with the huge media attention given to football and especially the Super Bowl, it’s hard to escape, so we might as well talk about it.

I just learned of a Super Bowl advertisement that is scheduled to air sometime during the second quarter of the game. It’s funded by WeatherTech, the car floor mat company. (Just a quick pause here, the Dremel brand has no connection to WeatherTech.) Dave MacNeil, WeatherTech’s owner has a dog named Scout who was given lifesaving cancer treatments by the University Of Wisconsin School Of Veterinary Medicine. Dave’s Super Bowl ad tells Scout’s story and it concludes with a request for donations to the veterinary school. Apparently, other businesses like to talk about their pets too!

I found links to Scout’s story and the WeatherTech ad and provided links to them below.

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