Dremel 3D Printers go to School

Submitted to Show Off

Dremel DigiLab 3D printers are in use across the United States in schools both large and small.

At Penn State, they recently replaced their Makerbot printers with Dremel DigiLab 3D45’s and according to a spokesperson there, “The new printers produce better quality prints at a faster rate than the previous ones, and they’re less prone to jamming or mechanical errors. That leads to fewer failed prints and delivers a faster turnaround from the print’s submission to when it’s ready to be picked up.”

Learn more about how Penn State is using Dremel 3D printers in this story here:

At Abiding Savior Lutheran School in south St. Louis, MO they provide space for students to not only learn but also to make. In their new Maker Space, young students can use a room full of traditional shop tools and high tech tools, like Dremel 3D printers. The goal, the schools says, is to give students the tools they need to create their own work.
Check out this great TV news story showing Dremel 3D printers in St Louis.