The University of Washington puts a makerspace in the dorms

Submitted to Show Off

Over the last several years we have heard more and more about the makerspace movement and in particular its progression into libraries and schools. The University of Washington has taken it one step further by putting a makerspace inside a residence hall so that all students have access to tools and are able to make things. This short video from the university shows how students are using the makerspace and what they are doing with the equipment that the school has provided. After viewing the video I’m sure that most will agree that it looks different from what many of us recall as the residence hall experience of even only a few years ago.

As you will see in the video, the Dremel brand is proud to say that the UW uses Dremel 3D45 3D printers and the Dremel LC40 laser cutter in their makerspace. Dremel is also pleased to be part of something which is directly contributing to the education and careers of these students and the future workforce and economy of this nation.