Anyone else have 10.8 Volt Dremel

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Why did Dremel stop making this 10.8 Volt Cordless model (8000-03)❓ It's easy to hold, lightweight & Powerful.
I purchased another battery for it years ago to have.

I keep thinking Dremel will fill this niche again with a new & improved model, but I am disappointed.
In fact, I've been searching for something similar & no one really fills this need:
-Up to 30,000 - 35,000 rpm
- lighter in weight
- slimmer area towards working end for easy Pencil Grasp & Grip.
I own the 8220- 2/28, with Handpiece set up, Stylo Plus (a gift- not powerful enough for me) & a Foredom Flex Shaft which I never use.
To me Dremel means Cordless.

I'm kind of known as the Dremel Queen around my Studio. I admit I am addicted.
I'm also a Certified Registered Dental Hygienist, my father a retired Dentist, so I have access to pretty cool stuff ❣️
Recently my brother purchased a Dentist's Lab Equipment, it took me forever to organize all these small tiny accessories.
Too Much F.U.N.

Does anyone else have this Model? Will Dremel consider making this much needed Category again sometime soon❓
Thanks for reading.