Don't forget about Saw-Max or Ultra-Saw when you need to cut acrylic.

Submitted to Product Talk

I needed to replace some broken clear acrylic that is used as the "window" on one side of a bird feeder that I own. You know, the window that makes up one side of the seed hopper so you can view how much birdseed you have left in the bin. I have the scoring knife that they sell next to the acrylic sheets at the home center, however I've never had much success using it to cut acrylic because the results have never been worth the time.

Another option I had was to sandwich the acrylic between two sheets of quarter inch plywood and cut it with my circular saw. I've done that in the past with good results, but I didn't feel like going though the effort.

I recalled a conversation I had once with a custom car builder that specializes in making acrylic widows for show cars. She told me that her business loves the Dremel Ultra-Saw for making quick cuts in acylic. I thought , "What the heck, let's do this!" I used a permanent marker to mark my cut line. I put the acrylic sheet on the seat of an old chair and I free-handed the cut using my Saw-Max with the wood cutting blade. I was done in 15 seconds.

My guess is that the abrasive wheel can cut acrylic better than a toothed blade can. But whatever caused it, I got a straight, smooth cut that all I had to do was brush-off the light "crumbles" along the cut line. So if you have the need to cut some sheet acrylic, don't forget about Saw-Max or Ultra-Saw. I'm sure you'll be pleased with the results.