Carving signs

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I be the first to say I'm not the biggest fan of creating and carving signs,
I have made a few priror signs to this one using the dremel 4000 and router attachment that came in the dremel box/kit, 
I later got this  dremel Trio given to me from a friend as he seen I was getting more and more into carving and advancing , 
I will not lie and say this sat on a shelf in my carving room for over a year (collecting dust), 
Once again I dont like making signs lol, 

Well I had promised a close friend and his family I would make them a sign 2 years ago and thought it was time to get it done
(I do what I say I will do) 
I made this sign out of a beautiful piece of red cedar, I used my dremel 4300 flex shaft to carve the mountains and sun along with carving burs, 
For the letters and tree I pulled out the really dusty Trio tool, 
The 1/8 shaft size burs I had did not fit into the collet that came with the Trio, so I fit a 1/8 collet inside the bigger collet and it seemed to tighten up and work great!! 
I really love this tool and already 4 days later have a contract to make 2 more signs from a Instagram follower, that will be $400 in my pocket!! 
I'm making this post to just let everyone know I think the Trio is a really wicked tool, maybe Aka router!! 
I will be buying the proper size bits to fit origanal collet that came with the tool and I sure get I will do the letters in half the time!!
Love this tool and suggest it to all the new sign makers out there!!!
Sorry 4 my spellng
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