Tough Sanding Job

Submitted to Show Off

One of my grandsons wanted to rebuild his BMX bike and before adding all the goodies he wanted to repaint the frame etc. We looking into it and it seemed that no matter how we went about it there was gong to be a LOT of sanding. I began by using a furniture stripper to take off the clear coat that was our first objective. We discovered that moisture had gotten under this clear coat and had caused the frame to rust considerably. So I began sanding with strips of cloth backed paper and it was slow slogging. I then remembered that Jordy over at Carving Fusion has been telling everyone about a cool way to sand using his Dremel. He simply cuts squares of soft cloth backed paper and puts them on a Mandrel. Jordy suggests facing the sand side of the paper both directions which allows the sander to sand no matter how it is presented to the work. The square pieces of sandpaper quickly go round. I found some 320 soft cloth backed paper and had the rust removed and the steel frame polished and painted in no time. What a great effort and time saver.