Bedside Tables Using Bentwood Technique

Submitted to Show Off

In January Dremel Maker Studio posed a challenge to members and asked what New Years resolutions members would pursue in the new year.  I decided to learn how to make furniture using the Bentwood techniques.  As a result I read up on press techniques, creating forms, and wood selection for creating Bentwood shapes.  The result was the development of a project that would utilize Bentwood, creation of a design drawing, making a jig to press the wood into the desired shape, selecting a wood that could be bent when softened.  Pressing out the form by gluing the wood strips together.  The rest was just making a box, making the holders for the glass, making the drawer, attaching everything after finishing.  I learned a lot about Bentwood forming and realize that you can make complex shapes over and over again.  Your design is limited only by how you make your forms.