Zero Glass

Describe your how you went about making your project. How did you use your Dremel accessory to complete the job? How did you feel once completing the project?

Went well, saw the idea, thought it was something I could accomplish. Was a bit hesitant to work on glass, but figured I'd have little to lose. Am not artistic at all, but wanted to try it. 

What type of Dremel product did you use for this project? Check all that apply.


What was the model name of the product(s) you used? List them all here. For example, the Multi-Max, the Ultra-Saw, Butane Torch, etc.

Dremel 3000. A few different bits, I liked the metal the most.

Which type of Dremel rotary accessory did you use for this project? Check all that apply.

Teal: Carving/Engraving, Green: Sharpening/Grinding

Give us some feedback on the Dremel accessory (or accessories) that you used to complete this project - how did they help? What did you love about the accessory? Did you struggle with anything?

Couldn't have done it without the dremel. Really didn't struggle, was fairly simple. Took a little bit to smooth it out and make it even. Struggled a little keeping my hand steady, did slip off once or twice, next time I'll tape the area off better. The bit didn't struggle at all.