Second Place

Second Place

Describe your how you went about making your project. How did you use your Dremel accessory to complete the job? How did you feel once completing the project?

Miranda lived in my mind for over two years before I put brush to oil paint. But, upon finishing the 18x24 canvas, I realized that she needed to be surrounded by the jewels of her sea.  So, I set about stringing, sewing, beading and blinging!  After the pearls, shells and gems were added, Miranda was complete.  I used my Dremel to smooth the edges of a broken crystal, saving the need to remove and replace.  Gotta love my Dremel! Using pine decorative moulding from the local hardware store, I set about constructing a frame.  Quickly I realized that Miranda needed a special surround. Once again my Dremel Stylo+ to the rescue!  Grabbing some scrap wood, I carved, burned, rejected and designed. A shell motif for the eight corners, carved but not burnt. I made a template, measured and penciled.  I used 3 bits and sanded to clean the rough edges, all with my Dremel. Pecan stain and poly were applied. Additional stain was applied to the shells with a small brush. Viola! Worthy of a Mermaid!

What type of Dremel product did you use for this project? Check all that apply.

Rotary, Speciality

What was the model name of the product(s) you used? List them all here. For example, the Multi-Max, the Ultra-Saw, Butane Torch, etc.

Dremel Stylo+ 2050-15

Which type of Dremel rotary accessory did you use for this project? Check all that apply.

Teal: Carving/Engraving, Purple: Sanding

Give us some feedback on the Dremel accessory (or accessories) that you used to complete this project - how did they help? What did you love about the accessory? Did you struggle with anything?

I really love my Dremel Stylo+!  It was a birthday present from my children!  I find myself reaching for it frequently while crafting.  I have used it for copper metals, leather and wood. My next project is involves etching stone...wish me luck!  I keep it handy... Hanging on my desk hook... always ready to use! I appreciate the design.  It's lightweight, very easily controlled, steady and does a phenomenal job!