Eggs aren't the only thing that rot

Describe your DIY Project. What did you fix / repair or make? How did you use your Dremel tool to complete the job? How did you feel once completing the project?

I have a wonderful 1927 house.  Unfortunately, everything doesn't last forever.  While scraping some of the basement windows which are exposed to snow and rain, I discovered some rot on the molding.  After tearing it out, I found there was rot in the sill as well.  Using the Multi-Max I was able to remove the rotten molding and the sill inside and using a combination of the Multi-Max and the Saw-Max I was able to cut replacement pieces and put everything back together.

Which Dremel DIY Tool did you use to complete your project?

Saw-Max, Multi-Max

Give us some feedback on the Dremel tool(s) that you used to complete this project - how did they help? Were there things you wanted to do but couldn't? Any other thoughts about your Dremel tool?

I have had another multi use tool.  The blades would rotate loose constantly.  The very clever mechanism on the Multi-Max makes it easy to change the blades and keeps them in place.  The Saw-Max is lightweight and a little easier to manage than my circular saw which is heavier.  I only wish it could cut a little deeper.