Tool and small parts storage

What space did you "spruce up" for this project?


Describe your organizational/storage project. How did you go about tidying it up? How did you use your Dremel tool to complete the job? How did you feel once completing the project?

Custom made using my Dremel trio and other various tools and 3D printer knobs using Dremel filament 

What type of Dremel product did you use for this organizational/storage solution? Check all that apply.

Saw, Oscillating, DigiLab

What was the model name of the product(s) you used? List them all here. For example, the Multi-Max, the Ultra-Saw, Butane Torch, etc.

Multi max and Dremel filament for the handles 

Give us some feedback on the Dremel tool(s) that you used to complete this project - how did they help? Were there things you wanted to do but couldn't? Any other thoughts about your Dremel tool?

They are amazing tools