There's still time to make one of these projects for Father's Day

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Last week when I posted the project about making a fishing lure out of an old spoon using a Dremel rotary tool, I thought how that project would make a great Father’s Day gift. That got me to thinking about other projects that Dads may want to receive as a gift while there is still time to make them before Father’s Day on June 16th. I’ve listed a few of my favorites below based on what I would like to receive and/or my previous experience with the project. Knowing that my taste can’t represent for all Dads, I encourage you to visit the Maker Projects section on to find a project you think best suits your Dad.  

Home Projection Screen

TVs are bigger now than ever and most of us have at least one TV in our homes that would be considered gigantic compared to the TVs of our youth. However, what if you want your TV to go big, really big, without breaking the bank? Or, what if you want to watch movies in the backyard with friends and family on a warm summer night and want the outdoor drive-in theater experience? Enter the video projector. We’ll help you make a screen for your large-scale or outside viewing experience with this Home Projection Screen project.


Industrial Lamp

There’s an antique shop in Milwaukee that I like to visit because one of the vendors there has fashioned lamps out of everyday objects. It’s owned by a husband and wife team that uses found objects and upcycles them into always novel and often beautiful lamps and electrified pieces of art. I’ve even seen them turn old jig saws and electric sanders into lamps that you’d feel proud to display in your home. This Industrial Lamp project makes a lamp out of an old tea kettle, but you can take what you learn here and apply it any object that has special meaning to your Dad.   


Outdoor Bar

I was once in a bar building contest. I’ll let that sink in a minute. We competed against twenty or so other groups and were given all the same tools, lumber, and assorted fasteners. We were allowed to plan our bars about a week before the contest began and we could supply any other “accessories” we wanted to give the bar added personality. My biggest take away from having participated in this event was that no matter what the bar looked like when it was completed, it was the people at the bar that made the whole experience fun and worthwhile. Build this Outdoor Bar with your Dad and say Cheers!


Dart Board Case

I first got into playing darts in college. I learned from a friend of mine who earned his spending money playing darts for cash in local pubs. Like most things, darts is one activity where practice makes all the difference. A dart board case comes in handy because it keeps stray darts from turning your wall into a pin cushion and the open doors make a great place for your scoreboard. I made my own dart board case out of scrap wood I had left over from a project and while the materials were of a lower grade than shown here, mine still looks great. When you finish your Dart Board Case, ask Dad to play a game of Cricket or 501.


For the Shopping List

While I’m sure Dad would like to receive any gift with a Dremel label on it, I want to mention two here. Does Dad like to grill out? The Dremel Versa power cleaner will help clean the cooking grates and the outside of  his gas, wood, or charcoal grill like new and leave him with more time for preparing and enjoying his next barbeque.


If your Dad is like most Dremel rotary tool users, he does a lot of metal cutting with our fiberglass reinforced cut-off wheels. There’s one cut-off wheel accessory that he may not have tried yet or perhaps never even heard of. The EZ506CU cutting wheel features a super abrasive grit called cubic boron nitride or CBN. The EZ506CU cutting wheel lasts at least 20 times longer than our fiberglass-reinforced cutting wheels based on internal testing so he’ll spend less time changing wheels and save money buying replacement wheels.

Happy Father’s Day!