Congratulations to our Happy Homes: Improvement Challenge Winners and Participants!

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A big thank you to all of you who participated in the Happy Homes: Improvement Challenge! We were happy to see all of the projects you are taking on to improve your homes and living quarters using Dremel tools  as well as the creativity of your entries. Thank you for sharing your projects and solutions with us!

Before we get to the winners, I'd like to share some of the other entries with you. All of these are quality projects and executed with great skill that they deserve to be called out and shared. Please know that I am limited by space so that I cannot comment on all entries, so an entry not being mentioned here is in by no means any less worthy of comment or attention!

Kitchen Remodel

This entry won our hearts because of its precision and the variety of Dremel products used in the project. The project is a complete kitchen remodel and when it came to precisely cut and fit the limestone tile backsplash, SteveMe used his Dremel 8220 cordless rotary tool and Dremel Ultra-Saw to do the detail work. To transfer the wood molding shape to the tile, he used 3D software to design a scaled template and then used the Dremel 3D45 3D printer to print it and test-fit the tiles. Excellent work! Take a look at the photos sent in as part of this project Kitchen Remodel project.

New hardwood flooring

Sometimes simple is good. Member Bromleywoodworking decided to put down hardwood flooring instead of carpet. This was the first time she had installed wood flooring and the Dremel Multi-Max MM50 oscillating tools made cutting the door trim to install the hardwood flooring a breeze! This application is simple and one that is ideal for the flush-cuttinig Dremel oscillating tool. You can see the whole entry called New hardwood flooring to see more. Bravo!

Fireplace Remodel

Member swtchik721 decided she wanted a statement wall of AirStone®. When the AirStone needed sanding, she used her Dremel Micro cordless rotary tool to take off the edge. When putting the new flooring in, nails coming out of the concrete in front of the fireplace got trimmed by the Micro with an EZ lock cutting wheel.  Read more about the Fireplace Remodel project. Looking good!


Without further ado, we're pleased to announce the winners of the Happy Homes: Improvement Challenge.

Third Place Winner

Bathroom Remodel

Congratulations to Cyborgkangaroo who earned third place recognition for his work on a Bathroom Remodel by putting in a new tub, new tile flooring, medicine cabinet, vanity, ductwork, and lights for a complete renovation. Cyborgkangaroo says the Dremel Velocity tool with sanding accessory and wood cutting blade has been the main workhorse of the whole project and the remodel would not be as far along without it. We’re glad to be of help!

Prize: $100 Visa Gift Card

Second Place Winner

Name Board On Home

Congratulations to OldBeekeeper who earned a second place finish for his work on a project that involved making a sign for his house. The original name board was hand lettered on panel in 1952 and the frustration of its constant replacement led him to create a permanent board that required changing materials and construction. The OldBeekeeper learned how to handle his Dremel rotary tool in a delicate manner to shape the thin scroll-sawed pieces of wood. One hundred and eleven Maker Studio members liked this Happy Homes challenge project and so did we!

Prize: $150 Visa Gift Card


First Place Winner

New oven handle for the camper

When the oven handle broke on his camper recently, member Skate_smith used the colorful scrap material that he has in abundance--skateboard pieces! The laminated material found in his shop was shaped into a new handle using a 4-inch grinder, and finished with a Dremel model 4300 rotary tool in the challenge entry titled, New oven handle for the camper. It was then attached to the stove with the Dremel GO cordless screwdriver. Repurposing material into new uses is always in fashion. Congratulation Skate_smith on your first place win!

Prize: $250 Visa Gift Card


But that's not all!

The Happy Homes: Improvement Challenge wouldn't be a success without member participation. Maker Studio members, you are the ones who view the projects, make comments, and vote for the winners. As promised,  we are giving away will receive one (1) PK04-04, Hatch Project Kit with a 200 Series rotary tool, and one (1) 2050-15, Stylo+ rotary tool to two randomly-drawn members who voted during the challenge. And, our winners are: Janicek66 & Jbragg8413 Congratulations!

Congratulations to all our winners! And a big thank you to everyone who participated in this challenge. We appreciate all of your entries, your hard work and dedication - it's all of you who make this community so great! We look forward to rolling out the next challenge soon. 

Stay tuned for our next upcoming Challenge!