A Maker Studio Refresh

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Hello members!

You may notice that things in the community look a little bit different after our most recent update this week. We’re pretty excited about some new features, and we think you will be too. To make sure you get the most out of your time in the Maker Studio we thought we’d highlight a few of the changes for you here. 

The first thing you’ll probably see is that the linked tiles on the right hand side of your feed have multiplied and look more compact. They will still highlight new and interesting things to do, though now they appear in more places around the community to make sure you never miss out. (On mobile? You'll find these links added to bottom of the hamburger menu in the top left of your screen; unfortunately, without the colorful backgrounds.)

Next, make sure to check out the refreshed Workshop, now under the umbrella of Discussions. We’ve added some organization and tidied up posts so that it’s easier to find discussion topics that interest you. This additional structure should make it clear where to post questions and share stories and projects that you’ve been working on. If you can’t find the perfect spot to post, continue to use the Workshop. As trends and themes emerge in our existing discussion threads, we may shuffle topics and posts around to keep things tidy and easy to enjoy.

Finally, on top of the numerous behind-the-scenes improvements that have been made, you might be as thrilled as we were to learn that you can now upload gif files anywhere that you can upload images. Always wanted to make a cool boomerang of some carving work and include it in your next Challenge submission? Now you can 😉 

If you have feedback about any of the changes that we make to the Creator’s Studio, we’d love to hear from you. While we can’t accommodate every suggestion, we are always open to ideas and who knows, maybe your feedback will be included in a future release!


Your Maker Studio Team