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I’ve not been this excited about a new Dremel cordless rotary tool since we introduced the first lithium-ion battery powered rotary tool back in 2003. What I like about the model 7760 Dremel Lite cordless tool is that puts lithium-ion battery technology into the hands of beginning rotary tool users at an affordable price.  

When people buy their first rotary tool they are looking for it to be as intuitive and easy-to-use as possible. But prior to the Dremel Lite, the entry level rotary tool from Dremel used Ni-Cad battery technology. Now, users can experience all of the benefits of a Lithium-ion battery (holds a charge longer in storage and has no memory effects) which make the Dremel Lite ideal for the first-time rotary tool user.

The Dremel Lite is easy to use. It’s designed for the beginner in mind and will empower new rotary users to start creating right out of the box. It has power in a small compact size that’s always ready and its lightweight design is portable and comfortable, offering the freedom and flexibility to tackle jobs in and around the house. It’s also a versatile tool that’s compatible with the rest of the Dremel line of accessories so you can grind, engrave, sand, polish, and more.


Let's take a walk around the Dremel Lite:

Dremel Lite Q & A:


What are the benefits of the Lithium-Ion technology in batteries?
Lithium-Ion battery (2Ah, 3.6V nominal) technology provides greater consistency of power in a single charge. Performance will not slowly erode with use as with the NiCad predecessors. In short: more power in a smaller size, always ready & no memory effects.

Is there a battery life indicator?
Yes, the 7760 has an LED battery life indicator which will illuminate with a red light when the battery is low.

How do I know the Dremel 7760 is fully charged?
A green light will illuminate from the LED battery life indicator while charging, which will turn off once fully charged.

How long does it take to fully charge the Dremel 7760?
Approximately 2 hours & 45 min. 

Can the Dremel 7760 be used while it is plugged in for charging?
The tool will run if plugged in for charging but the charging function will stop. There is no potential for damage if trying to operate the tool while plugged in for charging.

Can I change the battery in the Dremel 7760?
No. The 7760 is designed with an integrated battery to prevent any potential issues involving the battery becoming loose during use.

What are the recommended temperatures for charging the battery?
Charge tool in temperatures above 32 degrees F and below 122 degrees F. Store tool in locations where temperatures will not exceed 140 degrees F to prevent serious damage to the battery cells. Do not recharge tool in damp or wet environment. 

Does the Dremel 7760 have stall protection?
Yes. A red LED light will flash when the tool stalls. If this happens, remove the tool from the material, shut the tool off, and resume use without excess pressure. If stalling persists, consider using a different accessory, technique or tool for the job.

Is the 7760 replacing the 7700?
Yes, the 7760 is replacing the 7700 with upgraded battery technology and improved industrial design based on user research.

How does the Dremel 7760 compare to the Dremel 7700 (now discontinued)?
We’ve taken our venerable Dremel 7700 as inspiration to create the new and improved Dremel 7760. The 7760 was designed specifically with beginners in mind to be as intuitive and easy-to-use as possible while maintaining the same compact power. The 7700 has a removable Ni-Cad battery whereas the 7760 has an integrated Lithium-Ion battery with an improved run-time of approximately 116% compared to the 7700. We’ve gone from two speeds on the 7700 to a variable speed slide switch on the 7760. The 7760 has plenty of ergonomic soft grip around the tool, as well as an EZ Twist nose cap to make accessory changes a breeze. 

How does the 7760 compare to other cordless tools?
The 7760’s compact power and Lithium-Ion battery make it perfect for light-duty home & craft projects. The 7000 and 7300 are great for similar projects that don’t require as much power or run-time. The 8100, 8050, and 8220 provide more power that can handle heavier-duty applications like drilling, routing, and cutting.

Does this tool have replaceable motor brushes?  
No – cordless tools do not operate with motor brushes.

Does this tool work with all of the accessories in your line?
The 7760 will work with most accessories in the Dremel line. The Lite may not work effectively with accessories that require speeds greater than 25,000 RPM, including cutting and routing applications. 

Purchase Dremel Lite:

You can find it on the Home Depot and Amazon websites and it will start showing up in stores near you during the September - October 2019 timeframe.

Check out the new model 7760 Dremel Lite on here.

So, if you want a handy rotary tool because you're moving to a new home, want to make gifts for others, want to give a gift, or to support your specific craft or hobby, the Dremel Lite is going to be a great compact cordless Dremel rotary tool for you.

- John