Revealing our next challenge: The Fantasy Makers Challenge

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Calling all Lords and Ladies! 

We pulled this idea for our challenge straight from some of the cool submissions we've seen in the Maker Studio. We've noticed many of you have incorporated a bit of magic, fantasy and the renaissance into your creations and we wanted to take this to the next level with our newest challenge: The Fantasy Makers Challenge.

From July 16 to August 16, you'll be tasked with creating something that falls under the theme of this challenge. This means anything related to wizards, gnomes, magic wands, knights, royalty, dragons and fairies (and more!)  🧙‍♂️ 🧚‍♀️ Your project must be something that falls into the "medieval / fantasy" theme. If you can find it in a fairy tale, it's probably eligible in this challenge. (But if you're not sure, feel free to check with one of our moderators first!)

Here are some examples of great projects that we've seen in the Maker Studio in the past that would meet the theme of this challenge:

Magic Wands by Knarf

My little wizard is complete by Terry Maggi

Puzzleing by Zada (What's more magical than a unicorn?)

This is the wizard theme by Carving Fusion

To participate in ye olde Fantasy Makers Challenge, put your Dremel tools to the test and create something that falls into the "fantasy" category. Don't forget to read the full submission guidelines once they're released before getting started. Huzzah!