The new Multi-Max MM50 offers a new angle in oscillating tools

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Why I’ve let so much time go by without talking about the new Multi-Max MM50 is beyond me, so this post will rectify the situation.

Appreciated for their precision, control and compactness in home repair, remodeling, and restoration projects, oscillating tools have been taking away market share from other power tools categories and become a must-have tool for both the DIYer and Pro.

The Dremel brand became the number one player in the oscillating marketplace by being the first tool maker to offer a reliable and affordable oscillating tool more than 10 years ago. And to keep its leadership position, Dremel is replacing its Multi-Max™ MM45 model with the new Multi-Max™ MM50.

The MM50 is designed with a set of new features (tool-less accessory change mechanism, more compact front end, more powerful motor, quality accessory assortment) and the new tool delivers more value to the user at the same price point of $129.

Let's take a walk around the MM50:

MM50 Q & A

Q1 What is an oscillating tool?    

An oscillating tool is a versatile power tool that has a rapid, 3.2 degree arc, side to side motion. The tool uses oscillations per minute (OPM) and can take on a variety of DIY projects to repair, remodel or restore your home. With an oscillating tool it is easy to accomplish tasks from sanding and cutting to scraping and grinding and even grout removal. The Dremel Multi-Max MM50 allows users to tackle a wider array of oscillating applications with increased tool power and capabilities – making any task on a do-it-yourselfer or remodeler’s to-do list that much easier to complete.


Q2 How is Dremel Multi-Max MM50 different from the Dremel Multi-Max MM45?

While both the Dremel Multi-Max MM45 and MM50 are compact, versatile, ergonomic and precise, and deliver a higher level of performance, MM50 offers distinct features. The Dremel Multi-Max MM50 has a powerful motor (5.0 amps), a more compact front end to reach tight areas, a unique angled body that is more comfortable and provides better ergonomics (especially for flush cutting), and a blade retention spring to hold the accessory in place during changes.


Q3 How does the Dremel Multi-Max MM50 compare to other brands’ high performance oscillating tools?

The Dremel Multi-Max MM50 continues to maintain Dremel brand qualities and offers a compact and ergonomic tool that’s comfortable to use for extended periods of time and a tool-less accessory change mechanism compatible with the ones from the competition. The tool kit also offers a full range of high-quality accessories that have outperformed competitors in our testing.


Q4 Can I use all Dremel oscillating accessories with the Dremel Multi-Max MM50?

The Dremel Multi-Max MM50 is compatible with all current Dremel Universal oscillating accessories.


Q5 Where can I find the Dremel Multi-Max MM50?

The Dremel Multi-Max MM50 will be available in May 2019 at hardware and home improvement centers nationwide for a suggested retail price of $129.00 USD.

Check out the new Multi-Max MM50 on here.

So, when it comes to tackling tasks that are tedious, time consuming or simply next to impossible to achieve with any other tool the new Dremel Multi-Max™ MM50 is the perfect solution for DIY and Pro users.

- John