You make other products besides the rotary tool?

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One of the most common comments that a Dremel associate receives from consumers we meet usually has something to do with their surprise when they find out we make products other than the rotary tool. I guess you could say, “We’re not just your father’s Dremel tool anymore, but we still make your father’s, mother’s, and your rotary tool.”

Case in point, less than a year ago we introduced the Dremel laser cutter which is far from being a rotary tool, yet it still very much a Dremel tool. We are rock'in it when it comes to oscillating tools, rotary tools, multi-saws and 3D printers too. You see, we’re making tools for Makers, and whatever type of Maker you are, we probably have a tool that you will find useful.

Take a look at this video featuring Saad of the Dremel DigiLab team as he goes over the use of the Dremel laser cutter on display at Maker Faire 2018. In the video, the laser cuts out the acrylic and engraves it but we still leave room for you to use a rotary tool to add additional personalization to the design.

Have you ever used a laser cutter before? Can you think of a use for one? Share it with us in the comments below!

- John H