Congratulations to our Creating for Kids Challenge Winners and Participants!

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A big thank you to all of you who participated in the Creating for Kids Challenge! We were happy to see all of the projects you are taking on to give to a child in your life using Dremel tools. Thank you for sharing your projects and ideas with us!

Before we get to the winners, I would like to share some of the other entries with you. All of these are quality projects and executed with great skill that they deserve to be called out and shared. Please know that I am limited by space so that I cannot comment on all entries, so an entry not being mentioned here is in by no means any less worthy of comment or attention!

Duck Family Pull Toy

When you think about a pull toy, you realize it is one of those toys with an age window. If you are too young, you can still enjoy it but cannot pull it, and if you are too old, you abandon it forever. However, being the right age for a pull toy is a wonderful, magical thing. Skate_smith has a second cousin at that magical age when a pull toy is the right toy. Made from walnut and oak, woven string and leather Skate_smith  used a Dremel scroll saw model 4300 rotary tool to create this Duck Family Pull Toy with care and to give with love. Nice work! Sometimes gifts are as much fun to make, as they are to give!

Horse Barn

City kid or country kid, you can always use a barn for imaginative play. Member RippleRock made this horse barn as a gift for his daughter using plywood and dollhouse shingles. Custom made and complete with three horse stalls and a tack room, RippleRock used his Dremel Moto-Saw and rotary tool to create this equestrian palace. You can see the whole entry called Horse Barn to see more. Great job! 


Two in One Truck

Member Samih Abdou drew the design for this two in one truck that converts from a stake bed truck to a tanker truck. Using his Dremel Moto-Saw to cut the wood at a steady pace, he finished the cutting of all pieces, and used the Dremel 3000 rotary tool for sanding them. Samih made the Two in One Truck with his 4-years old grandson, and stated it was a good chance to create an interest and let my grandson learn the basics of woodworking through this project. Samih said it best when he said, “Today anyone can buy all sorts of toys but can’t buy hand crafted toys and can’t buy toys which are made with love.” Our sentiments exactly.


Without further ado, we are pleased to announce the winners of the Creating for Kids Challenge!

Third Place Winner

Kid’s step-stool/chair

Congratulations to jhorstke who earned third place recognition for his work on Kids step-stool/chair. Remaking a family heirloom step-stool/chair used by both his son and daughter, jhorstke used the basic shop tools of a drill, jigsaw and sander to share this project with Maker Studio members. While a functional piece of furniture, this step-tool can be used by children to reach the bathroom sink, kitchen table and anywhere else they need a boost up in life what’s more, it also functions as a chair for sitting, rest, and other activities. However, the word jhorstke uses to describe this piece is toy as he recalls seeing both his children use this little chair as a launch pad into a world of imagination. In addition, with an estimated construction time of only four hours, isn’t this something you would want to provide to a child in your life?

Prize: $100 Visa Gift Card


Second Place Winner


Congratulations to Zada who earned a second place finish for some wood puzzles created for his niece. The entry called, Puzzleing was crafted from oak scraps using his scroll saw and sanded with a Dremel Stylo+ rotary tool and 180 grit sanding discs. Zada tells us that he had the puzzle patterns on hand and that he received his Stylo+ tool as a gift. Congratulations!

Prize: $150 Visa Gift Card


First Place Winner

Member decided to make a Marshmallow Catapult to keep his children entertained. Inspired by similar devices seen at renaissance fairs he knew his children would like it. Made using some scrap pinewood, leftover stain, and a clothespin, the toy is sure to please the medieval side in all of us and we lay siege to the living room.

Prize: $250 Visa Gift Card


But wait there’s more!

The Creating for Kids Challenge would not be a success without member participation. Maker Studio members, you are the ones who view the projects, make comments, and vote for the winners. As promised, we are giving away a Dremel Home Solutions HSFL-01 Rechargeable Flashlight to two randomly drawn members who voted during the challenge. And, our winners are: ChrWat27 & Kazzsound. Congratulations!

Congratulations to all our winners! Moreover, a big thank you to everyone who participated in this challenge. We appreciate all of your entries, your hard work and dedication - it is all of you who make this community so great! 

Stay tuned for our next upcoming Challenge in 2021!