Automation and more capable CNCs.

What are some of your favorite trends in woodworking right now?

Neutral/light wood for minimalism design

Why do you think this this will become a focus for woodworking or woodcarving in the future? Give us your reasoning here.

According to statistics the demand for wood carvers in the United States is expected to grow at 6% through 2026.  That means there is the potential for an additional 3,100 wood carvers to find work in the coming years.  Also hobbyist wood carvers are also increasing and most of modern carvers may use electrical devices to create finished items.

Upload a photo of your favorite woodworking or carving project you've done here. Alternatively, find an image online of something you'd love to make in the future!

Tell us a bit about this photo (or photos) you've uploaded. What are they? Is this something you've completed or is it on the "to-do" list?

I like compositions of items like this.  I am a new comer to cerving although I am a Dremel user for more than 30 years.  I tried glass etching just of the items I presented in the last Dremel maker Studio competition.   Only small parts of my craft requires wood carving.  I am a creafter not carver.  

How would you rate your experience as a woodworker or carver? Move the slider from left to right to reflect your response.