Sustainability and Green Design

What are some of your favorite trends in woodworking right now?

Sustainability , Custom storage , Mid-century design

Why do you think this this will become a focus for woodworking or woodcarving in the future? Give us your reasoning here.

It continues to be relevant, and it continues to evolve into a complex and must-facted subject, with multiple ramifications for tradespeople, engineers, artists, and designers.

Upload a photo of your favorite woodworking or carving project you've done here. Alternatively, find an image online of something you'd love to make in the future!

Tell us a bit about this photo (or photos) you've uploaded. What are they? Is this something you've completed or is it on the "to-do" list?

I need to re-organize my workshop, and moveable is the way to go. I love these types of storage ideas: they are compact, customizable, and easy to build.

How would you rate your experience as a woodworker or carver? Move the slider from left to right to reflect your response.