Spider control

Why is this the most important one? How will you make it a priority?

My dad had a very busy workshop full of projects, tools, and materials when he past away almost 7 years ago. For 5 years after that, the shop remained as he’d left it, and undisturbed- well, almost undisturbed. Unfavorably, Spiders of many different breeds decided to take possession and for many years ruled as they  pleased. Then, two years ago, I acquired the shop, and without hesitation attempted to pump woodworking life back into it. I very quickly discovered I was a visitor in something else’s world. It’s been and somewhat currently still is a battle everyday to take back the shop. So far (and it’s still early), this year is looking pretty good. I know not to think I’ve got them under control, but maybe I’m holding them at bay. When we have the next 65+ degree multi-day run, I’ll fog and spray and perhaps that will be enough to run them off or thin thier numbers to a tolerable count. I’m sure this may all sound as though reality is being twisted, when in fact, I’m electing to keep the countless, back to back nights of constant and consistent barrages of half-dollar size monsters marching straight across the floor in my direction and appearing to size me up while squaring up on me. I apologize if I’ve strayed off topic- so in conclusion, for me:
Spring Cleaning = Spider Eradication

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I chip away at it over a few weeks.

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