When you think about learning another DIY skill, how do you feel? Excited? Not interested? Intimidated? Type a word in the search bar that comes to mind select your favorite image.

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When I set out to learn a new craft. I devote my concentration and time into it to try and get skilled in that craft in a short amount of time. I try to be as dedicated to honing the craft until I feel like I have a good grasp on the subject and go to try and learn something new.

Have you ever signed up for a course to learn a new DIY skill?


What was the course about? Tell us a bit about it here. Why did you sign up for it?

I signed up for a leatherworking class at a nearby leather store. We went through basic techniques and made a knife sheath by the end of it.

Where did your course take place?

In person

How long was this course?

Just a few days/over a weekend

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What skills would you be the most interested in learning about? Check all that apply.

Crafting or sewing, Wardrobe or costuming, Woodwork

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If you were to sign up for a course, how would you prefer to tackle it?

In person with others