spirit in the wood

When do you reach for a stain as opposed to paint or some other type of finish? Tell us your reasoning or approach here.

I love to use wood dye

What would you say you use wood stains on most frequently?

DIY/Crafting projects

What are your favorite stains to use on your projects? Check all that apply.

Vibrant/bold colors

Upload photos of some of your favorite staining projects here. Alternatively, find an image online of something you'd love to stain in the future!

Tell us about the photos you've just uploaded. Are they completed projects? How did you go about it? Or perhaps this is a project you'd like to complete in the future. Tell us more!

i burnt the cedar wood really deep, cleaned it with a nylon bristle brush, added red water based wood dye then put spar varnish on the top coat to protect from the weather 

There can be quite a few steps needed when it comes to staining. What is you least favorite step?


Have you ever used a Dremel product to help with your staining projects?


List the Dremel products you've used in your past staining project here.

dremel 4000 with flex shaft and flap sander