I'd rather Dye!!

When do you reach for a stain as opposed to paint or some other type of finish? Tell us your reasoning or approach here.

I use a lot of color in to embellish my wood turnings and always use dye. I mostly use archival dyes that will maintain the color indefinitely.
I'm going to respond to the following questions as if I was answering a Dye not a stain question.

What would you say you use wood stains on most frequently?

DIY/Crafting projects

What are your favorite stains to use on your projects? Check all that apply.

Dark and cool colors

Upload photos of some of your favorite staining projects here. Alternatively, find an image online of something you'd love to stain in the future!

Tell us about the photos you've just uploaded. Are they completed projects? How did you go about it? Or perhaps this is a project you'd like to complete in the future. Tell us more!

First photo is a few of the Hearts for Heros I am making to raise money for our local hospital and to honour all the essential workers. Red Cedar burnt, the char removed and red dye added.
The second photo for the same charity are stabilized maple necklaces. Dyed red during the stabilizing process.
Next is a blue dyed Silver Maple bowl which was then draped with lace and spray painted with Jo Sonia Iridescent paint
Lastly is a Silver maple platter. This was dyed black, the black sanded back, dyed black again and again sanded back then dyed red and sanded and finally a little yellow dye was added.

There can be quite a few steps needed when it comes to staining. What is you least favorite step?


Have you ever used a Dremel product to help with your staining projects?